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Business Activity Analytics.   Make cameras work for you instead of just look for you.  We have the latest in Artificial Intelligence to give your business the ability to do complex tasks with ease.

  • Track Occupancy
  • Determine Average Wait at a Counter, Checkout Line Etc.
  • Know When a Crowd is Gathering.
  • Determine if People are Looking at New Displays or Product
  • Track High End Areas For Theft
  • Heat Mapping-What are your highest traffic areas.
  • Allow you to receive reports and look from anywhere.
  • Track Inventory Rooms like liquor rooms for ins and outs.
  • See the same analytics a large chain store sees at a local owned store price.  See it on your phone.
  • The price is very affordable and the features are very customizable by you or us.

Blend your alarm, temperature, access control and video all into one easy to use platform controlled from your phone, PC or tablet.

Top resasons for Video Analytics in your Business.

  • People Counting
  • Vehicle Direction Detection and Counting
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection for Live Monitored Facilities
  • Object Detection

More than one location?  Have one now but planning on many more?  Our enterprise solutions allow you to control all things we offer from one app on one phone or PC.  Plan now, be at ease each and every time you add a location.