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Local Owned, Installed and Serviced from Georgetown, Kentucky

Be Secure, Feel Secure.  Your assets are your livelihood, protect them.  Just video cameras will not do the job.  Get a top rated security system installed by trained professionals.  

You work hard but can’t quite rest easy, why wait to get some peace of mind?  Secure your property with the best alarm systems made.  We offer all aspects of commercial security including the following:

  • Affordable 24/7 Professional Monitoring with multi-location backup facilities.
  • Advanced cameras at a stripped down camera price.
  •  Motion Sensor Alarms
  • Video that can count wait times and people.
  • UL Listed alarms for sensitive facilities
    • Banks
    • Pharmacies
    • Remote Dispensaries 
    • Government Offices and Facilities
  • Reliable Service
  • Reliable Systems


Business alarm status on Apple watch

Know the status of your business security no matter where you are or what you are doing.